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STS Academy’s mission is to strengthen our communities by providing children and youth opportunities to achieve self-enhancing academic and career success through programs and services that bridge shortfalls in their formal learning. We achieve our mission through partnerships with parents, community organizations, businesses, and schools.

Executive Director's Welcome

STS Academy welcomes you to our services available to the local community.  We have been serving local children and youth since 2004.  We offer two primary services:  The Learning Center at 60 Civic Avenue in Pittsburg and High School Before and After school programming for both Pittsburg and Black Diamond High School youth.

At the Learning Center, (925) 252-8028, children from Kindergarten through 8th grade can find before and after school care and support.  We accept children who can be dropped off starting at 6am as working parents and guardians go to work.  We will transport the children to school with our fleet of vans and experienced drivers.  We will pick up and drop off early and late kindergartners.  We then pick up other children as needed from elementary and middle schools after school. The after school program consists of homework help, tutoring if needed, recreation, free meals/snacks, and games, art, activities, computer time and more. Parents/guardians can pick up their children by 6p.m. We stay in close communication with parents through our advanced system that allows us to send pictures, videos, and messages directly to parents at any time so they know what their children are doing.

The High School program is funded by the Federal 21st Century ASSETs grant to provide before and after school events, services, and classes in cooperation with the local high schools.  We provide tutoring by appointment, in person or by zoom, or tutoring in person drop in at the library every day after school at Pittsburg High School. We offer career pathway classes like cosmetology, barbering, construction, audio engineering, starting a business, plus dance, sports fitness and homework assistance, and more. All services and classes are at no cost to students. We sponsor special events in cooperation with the high schools like career development skills, celebration of success, and social-emotional skill building activities. For more information, call (925) 252-9199.

Theresa Miller - Executive Director

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.