The Learning Center at 60 Civic

The STS Academy Learning Center is much more than just an after school program. Learning Center personnel go the extra mile to boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe structured environment for the children of working parents.

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STS places its highest priority on student academic achievement. Through mentoring, tutoring and homework assistance STS will positively affect the achievement gap. Data shows that gaps in achievement exist at every level in our education system and early intervention affords the best chance for success. Our students’ API scores have risen by over 200 points. STS Academy, with the help of our supporters, seeks to offer students and their families academic assistance in a safe and fun environment and capture both the pragmatic thinking that guides our work as well as the passion that our supporters, staff and stakeholders devote to it.

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The Learning Center at 60 Civic Programs

Individual Success Plan


The Learning Center at 60 Civic recognizes that for a student to be successful, he/she must first be seen as an individual with specific needs. With the help of the student’s teachers, we design a success plan which will be used to target specific, customized interventions that will aid in achieving short and long term educational goals.

One on One Tutoring


There are two approaches to tutoring, the first is simply helping students with difficult subjects. At The Learning Center, we believe in helping with todays problem, but we take it one step further. We seek to help fix the foundational faults that will allow them to no longer need help in those subjects.

Reading and Writing


Early aptitude in writing is an indicator of a child’s reading ability. Up to middle school, children are sponges of information. This is why reading and writing is a such a huge part of every students experience at The Learning Center. Each student has an individual folder containing written essays of what they’ve read.



We’ve partnered with Stride (Fuel Education) , a leader in web-learning to bring the best instruction to The Learning Center at 60 Civic. Stride is renowned for improving students arithmetic, especially those who have fallen behind. It is used in districts across the country, and has a proven success record.  The Stride teaching method aligns with our individual success plan, providing the unique help your child need with math.



Computer science is the most highly-valued subject in all education, and the chance to study it shouldn’t be based on the neighborhood a student grew up in, or the color of her skin. Code.org is responsible for teaching millions of students how to code who didn’t have access to this education in times past. We are excited to bring the Code.org curriculum to The Learning Center at 60 Civic.

Help With Homework


After a long day at work, we want you to have peace of mind that your child’s homework is complete.  We dedicate one hour everyday to giving your child all the help he/she needs to not only finish their homework, but understand what they’re doing.  Via our Teens to Teach program, we are able to give individualized help with homework as needed.



Our CEO and Founder Jim Craft Sr. knows what it’s like to be at the bottom and rise to the top. As a successful businessman, family man, and community builder Mr. Craft was selected to join the prestigious nationwide organization 100 Black Men. This non-profit organization has been recognized as one of the nation’s top groups for mentoring minorities. Mr. Craft has introduced their successful mentorship program to the youth of The Learning Center.