Willow Cove

Willow Cove

Elementary School

Our staff at STS   Willow Cove’s afterschool    Elementary program provides a fun and safe environment that helps to promote our students each individual in their unique learning style. We are dedicated to have a fun enriched, visual arts and crafts for our students making learning fun and teaching them long-term life skills. The most important objective at Willow Cove is to have great communications with all Willow Cove staff to ensure the success of our students.

Our Willow Cove Staff

We provide a variety of clubs such as, reading; this teaches students to read out loud and helps them with their reading comprehension. Students write in their journals it helps to be creative and promote self-reflections. At Willow Cove dance helps students with fine motor skills and multicultural music. Monday thru Thursday we have our weekly topics.  Friday’s we have our Dance, Karaoke sports club stations and arts and crafts. Throughout the year we have a variety of events such as Spelling Bees, Dance and Talent competition.

 Our program consist of state standards academic based on enrichment and physical activities .All staff will be working under Mrs. Yesenia Venegas lead coordinator who will be ensure that all staff will be offering quality care and supervision of the students while under Mrs. Venegas direction. We look forward to working and helping to ensure that your students at Willow Cove be successful and strive to be the best that they can be and teaching them life skills that they will need in life.