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The Parkside Mission

Our STS Afterschool Program at Parkside Elementary is a place designed to help students reach academic goals and enjoy enrichment programs in a safe and fun environment. Our staff works hard every day to lead these 1st-5th graders towards a rewarding future. We believe that youth participation in after school activities on a consistent basis will benefit students socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

At Parkside we like to give the students a variety of opportunities to explore their interests and creativity. Daily schedules of the program are designed specifically for each grade level. Our program provides a snack and supper for each student. To focus on the importance of health and fitness, daily schedules include a physical activity along with academic enrichment. Youth development leaders are responsible for enrichment activities to exhibit with the class. The most important part of our daily schedule is our homework hour in which students are able to receive assistance from their youth development leaders if needed. We try our best to make sure that homework assigned for the day is completed.

Our Afterschool Program encourages the teaching and learning of all life skills. We encourage responsible behavior, respect for others and positive attitudes. STS academy gives students a place to socialize with their peers in a learning environment.  Also we offer soccer and basketball in which students can sign up to participate in games against other teams. These sports will teach students good sportsmanship and how to work together as a team.

Our main goal and objective at Parkside is to help every student excel in academics by giving them a place where they feel safe and excited to learn! We will work closely with the teachers of your children to ensure we are helping with everything we can. We invite you to enroll your student in our Afterschool Program at Parkside Elementary!