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The Hillview Mission

Our STS afterschool program at Hillview Junior High is a fun and safe program designed to help students reach academic goals and enjoy enrichment programs that emphasize the school day curriculum. The whole staff works hard every day in attempts to lead these 6th-8th graders towards a rewarding future by giving them a safe environment to learn and socialize with peers after school.

At Hillview we like to give the students a variety of opportunities to express themselves in their unique types of learning styles with our various activities planned throughout the year. We have our Winter Activities followed by our Family Bingo Night, Friday Cooking, Step Team, Do It Yourself Projects, Cosmetology, basic life skills, and our new and exciting annual Talent Show. Students love participating in our eventful & versatile activities planned each week. With this coming year we would like to include more outdoor activities for the students such as field trips! Some local field trips that are in mind for the year are:  roller skating, movie theaters, bowling, and Buchanan Park swimming pool. Along with these great events and activities, we have our sports program for those more active and competitive students, including indoor hockey and our arcade room exhibiting our Air hockey, foosball, and ping pong tables.  Our Hillview Afterschool program encourages the teachings and learnings of all the valuable life skills in all we do. As a Hillview Family, Staff, students, families, and friends come together to come up with new and improved ideas to keep everyone involved and enjoying every minute of our learning environment.

Daily schedules of the programs are designed specifically for their age group. The youth development leaders choose their own enrichment activities to exhibit with the class. With these topics the students explore a wide range of subjects with fun and creative learning. The most important part of our daily schedule is our homework hour where students are able to get help from their youth development leaders, peers, or at homework help with teachers/tutors. Each day students are served a snack and dinner. Also, to focus on the importance of health, daily schedules include a physical activity portion in the program.

Our main goal and objective at Hillview is to help every student excel in academics by giving them a place where they feel safe and excited to learn! We will work closely with the teachers of your children to ensure we are helping with everything we can. To help us create successful Hillview students we invite you to enroll you student in our afterschool program! We hope to see a new face as well as our previous students!