Program Administration – Teens 2 Teach


The program administrators for the Teens 2 Teach program have over 30 years’ experience between them.  Delon Craft has been with the company from day one and is the brainchild of the Teens 2 Teach program. Rickia Fortenberry and Kemaiya Bishop are both products of the STS Academy After School Program.  After completing high school and while working on their personal careers both administrators Rickia and Kemaiya have brought their talents and expertise to the T2T program.  The full circle of community service; after being part of a C.B.O. while in grade school and or secondary school both Ms. Rickia and Ms. Bishop became employees of STS Academy.  Starting as a YDL (Youth Develop Leader) and working their way up to an administration position.  Rickia also is the lead on the 21st Century grant which is the after school program provider/funder for PHS.  STS Academy along with the guidance of these administrators can provide programs that are valuable to the community.  Programs that are meaningful, relevant as well as close to their heart and passion.  Kemaiya and Rickia were outstanding Pittsburg High Students that found a place among the 3000 plus students on the campus that worked for them. As adults these same two ladies are creating places for students currently at PHS that may feel overwhelmed among the 3500 students.  Whether these activities be; Driver’s Ed, Video Production, Music Production, Gaming, Cooking, Barber Shop, Anime, Fine Arts… our administrators are focused on providing the opportunity our students need to thrive outside the school day.   Ms. Kemaiya Bishop is a gamer, ready and willing to help any young gamer work on their brand (Twitch account).  E-gaming is a billion dollar industry that is not going anywhere.  Ms. Bishop hopes to continue to build the E-gaming Club at PHS and create a legacy similar to that of the PHS Band. She is currently working to earn a BA in Video Game Design. Ms. Rickia Fortenberry who is currently working on her B.S. in Psychology is also creating avenues and opportunities for PHS students to understand and develop their mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.   Please feel free to contact any of our program administrators if you have any questions, ideas or a program you would like to see developed and matured here in Pittsburg California.

For inquires and registration information please contact Kemaiya at (415) 875-0737 or James at (925) 252-8028.

Kandy Simmons

Hello and welcome to STS Academy! My name is Dr. Kandy Simmons. I joined STS Academy recently as the Director of High School Education Programs & Services.  I have been a business woman, a college teacher, and the president of several community colleges and private universities.  My personal goal is to expand opportunities for high school youth, helping them find their own strengths while recognizing their self-worth. I am excited to be a part of STS Academy, which has been serving the Pittsburg Community for more than 15 years.

Kemaiya Bishop
Kemaiya Bishop

Hello, my name is Kemaiya Bishop. I am working as the Teens to Teach (T2T) Lead at STS Academy. I have been working for STS for a little over a year. I’m a Pittsburg High School graduate and have an AA in Video Game Design. My role at STS is to both recruit tutors and pair students with tutors who need help with school work and give them the tools they need to be successful. We provide after school tutoring to PUSD students through our website. If you need any type of assistance in regards to tutoring, contact me or click the Applications link above to get started.

“There is no Elevator for Success, you have to take the Stairs.”

pic of Delon Craft
Delon Craft

Hello my name is Delon Craft and I am currently a math teacher at Black Diamond High School. I have taught in the Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD) for over 15 years, that includes junior high and high school. I received my multiple subject credential fro Cal State Fullerton, a child development degree fro Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a single subject math credential from the CDE. Working with STS Academy for the past 15+ years has been an honor and a joy. I have had the pleasure of developing and working on many different programs developed for elementary students all the way up to our school students. The importance of services outside the school day is clear to the individuals that work in the industry but for those in the community and across the country that do not… please understand the value of after school programs and interventions. I value the time and effort that I have put into students outside of the regular school day and look forward to working with STS Academy, PUSD and the City of Pittsburg to fill a need in our community.