Our main goal at Pittsburg High School (PHS) is to provide our students with a safe, encouraging, and motivating environment. To do this we have partnered with Pittsburg High School’s mastery center, student tutors, teachers, youth development leaders from STS Academy, and community programs to form the ultimate partnership. The success of our youth is represented by their independent drives, mentorship relationships, and academic progression.


Our guarantee is to provide an environment for all our students to get the opportunity to succeed. Pittsburg High School’s students have the chance to receive academic support in various subjects, through mastery center tutorials. The tutorials that we offer are Monday-Thursday directly after school, along with math before school tutoring. We provide the PHS student body with outside community resources as well; People Who Care (PWC) provides therapy, community service ventures, and weekend activities. Our endeavors have led us to provide culinary classes, driver’s education, open-gym: basketball, teens 2 teach, dance, career internships, and teen center.