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The Highlands Mission

Our goal this year at Highlands Elementary Afterschool program is to provide a safe environment for the students we serve. We want our students to be enriched with daily activities and have the opportunity to have fun as well.  We want to give our students a place where they feel comfortable and want to attend daily. We plan to have more family nights this year so our Parents can interact with our staff and get to see what the program has to offer throughout the school year. These family nights will consist of family friendly stations that showcase the type of enrichment activities the students are involved in during the program. Also we like to put on talent shows and performances from our awesomely talented students for families to watch and be entertained.

Every Friday we offer themed fun Fridays to our students. These themes give the students a chance to be a part of a large group activity and show off their creative side. Along with themed Fridays we offer clubs bi-weekly; that gives the students the opportunity to choose what extracurricular activity they want to be a part of. These activities involve science, math, spelling, arts & crafts, design, cooking, sports, dance and so much more.

Our YDL’s (Youth Development Leaders) that work with the students, have a weekly lesson plan that they prepare for our students. These lesson plans include Homework time, where we dedicate 1 hour of quiet work time for our students to focus on their homework for that day. Our goal for homework time is to make sure every student completes their required assignment for that day. We have a 1:20 ratio for our leaders; meaning every leader is responsible for 20 students in their group. Our leaders do their best to meet our goals on making sure students complete their homework, but there are times when not every student can complete their homework in that time frame. We are here to support students and families and encourage both to look over and make any corrections of homework before being turned in to their teachers. We also dedicate 1 hour of Enrichment time for our students. The YDL’s offer a large range of hands on Common Core related activities. Our students will work on a lot of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities this year. Our leaders have attended special trainings in STEM and our ready to share all of the great hands on lessons with the children. Last but not least we dedicate 1 hour of physical activity.  The YDL’s have also been trained on organized and structured games that involve physical activity.

Besides our daily lesson plans, STS Academy provides a range of sports that our students may sign up for and participate in. It is really amazing to watch these kids play on a team and learn how to work with each other and be a part of something awesome together. Also be on the lookout for field trips. Field trips will be an incentive for our students and the participation will be based on behavior.

Highlands Afterschool program offers life skill tickets for the children to earn. This is an incentive program that has worked effectively. Anytime any of our staff recognizes a student’s behavior and actions using life skills, the student will be awarded a life skill ticket. Life skills include showing: teamwork, courage, friendship, being helpful, having a sense of humor, initiative, sharing, etc.…  We encourage our students to become role model citizens.

We look forward to having a magnificent year with you all!

-Highlands ASP Staff