Orin Allen

Orin Allen – Board Member

Orin Allen
Dr. Orin Allen

Dr. Orin Allen served with distinction on the Pittsburg Unified School District Board of Education for 24 years. During that time, he continued his belief in lifelong education by being a strong advocate for adult education. In 2012, he received the Pittsburg Unified School District Equity Award demonstrating the high esteem in which he is still held in the school district. He has been a member of the Pittsburg Adult Education (PAEC) Advisory Board since its inception 30 years ago.

He has traveled to Sacramento to testify on adult education issues. He regularly speaks at PUSD board meetings on behalf of the adult education program, supporting program expansion and other measures of importance to our program. He meets on a regular basis with the district Superintendent and with the Pittsburg City Council and advocates for adult education. He has always brought the adult education message to the forefront locally to ensure that adult education is at the table and the community knows about our many programs.

He has spoken at PAEC’s graduation ceremonies and attends PAEC events. He has been a community spokesperson on the WASC committee during the last two WASC Accreditation visits. He visits the PAEC Principal, Bob Beck, on a regular basis to keep in touch with adult education needs and to identify any way in which he might use his influence to support the adult ed program. Dr. Allen is a frequent presence on our campus and considered a part of our PAEC family.

Dr. Orin Allen is a true believer in the value of adult education and has demonstrated this in multiple meaningful ways for 30 years with his consistent, heartfelt advocacy and support for adult education in our community.