Marina Vista

At Marina Vista After school program provided by STS Academy; our goal is to teach students to become responsible members of the community.  Allow students to express themselves and their individuality, as well as accept others and their differences, while providing a safe, welcoming and fun environment.

Staff assists students with goal setting and guides them to attain their goals. The relationship and communication between STS staff, regular school day staff, families, caregivers, district and the community lend a large hand in supporting the development of students.

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To accomplish this we show respect, equality for all and role model. STS Academy provides hands on activities and experiences that include life skills as well as academic skills, based on the Pittsburg Unified School District standards and pacing guide. Staff reinforces what is being taught during the regular school day, in several ways visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ensuring all students ability to comprehend.

Our after school program is an academic enrichment program that is designed to support students in many ways. We offer one hour of homework help every day, however our overall goal is not obtained by simply completing homework, our students are still expected to go over their homework each night with a care provider. In addition children require daily physical exercise to stay healthy and happy. In our program 1 hour of physical education is completed every day considering the developmental stage of all students. The exercise is presented in an organized group game with all students participating in some way. STS also offers a range of sport activities for student to participate in, competing against all Pittsburg elementary school afterschool programs including soccer and track.

STS academy Youth Development Leaders make their own weekly schedules of enrichment activities, in addition we offer monthly Friday activities. Students’ choice; students will discuss things of interest to them and throughout the school year they are incorporated into the program. Movie Friday, students are given the opportunity to discuss and or write openly about the Movie, the setting, plot, characters,  give educated guesses, resolutions and problems which also supports public speaking,  and acceptance of differences and opinions. Cooking Friday; students will obtain life skills, hygiene, cooking also reinforces math using measurements from recipes that also shows students how to follow step by step directions as well as  new  language being introduced along with spelling and culture. We will also include local field trips to enhance our student’s skills and knowledge. In the past we have visited the butterfly exhibit at Small world Park, and the Pittsburg museum, this year we would like to try visiting the senior citizens and volunteer our services to the community.  Our goal is to support healthy growth and help students reach their full academic potential.

At Marina Vista

“We will believe, achieve, and succeed!”